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Energy holds information

Our Energetic Signature defines WHO we are

& reflects HOW we are

in any given moment or situation

3 levels:


◊   Physical health: physiological functioning 

◊   Psycho-emotional: underlying issues & beliefs

◊    Psycho-spiritual: ongoing soul issues

Individuals, Trainers, Workshop Leaders

Track where you are on your personal journey …

Discover deeper issues that get in the way of health, vitality & personal well-being …

Track effectiveness of healing practices (Yoga, QiGong, Meditation, etc.), products, supplements & the like …

Detect which emotions, thought patterns or beliefs rob you of energy, well-being & health (& learn how to shift them) …

Learn how stress is affecting your personal health & what to do about it…

GDV Diagram Program maps psycho-emotional & physical state; conscious & subconscious issues

GDV Diagram Program maps psycho-emotional & physical state; conscious & subconscious issues


Coaches, Team Leaders, Artistic Directors, Managers

Select players, team members, dancers, or training candidates based on their ability to perform under stress 

GDV Stress Test Results

GDV Stress Test Results to determine who functions best under stress

Inventors, Innovators and Product Developers

Determine which versions of structured water or other innovations in the field of health & frequency medicine work the best

GDV Graph Total Intensity Comparison

GDV Comparative Testing Total Intensity

GDV Chakra Capture - Before

GDV Chakra Capture – Before

GDV Chakra Capture - After

GDV Chakra Capture – After

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GDV Pro Camera

What is the GDV Professional Capture System?
The GDV camera is an advanced Kirlian camera, approved by the Russian Ministry of Health as a Medical device. It is also certified in Europe. This technology, along with a suite of sophisticated software, is incomparable to anything else on the market (including the more recent BioWell) in its accuracy and repeatability of results.  Thousands of doctors, practitioners and researchers utilize this technology worldwide, with more than 150 papers published on GDV technology and research in over 40 different countries. Utilizing electrophotonic technology, the GDV accurately measures the energy fields of people, plants, water and other liquids, soil, and other materials and environmental influences.
What can the GDV Professional Camera measure?
The information captured by this system is astonishing in the amount of detail provided. The suite of proprietary software makes it easy to:  

  • evaluate the effects of various stress-related issues on individual organs and organ systems
    GDV Screening Program. CardioVascular System

    Screening Program: CardioVascular System

  • track the effects of emotions and thought patterns on physical health and overall vitality
  • identify psychological priorities and deep subconscious issues
  • spot physical pathologies (please note: the GDV is NOT a medical diagnostic tool, nor a substitute for medical testing and treatment with a licensed doctor)
  • track the effects of varying lifestyle practices (such as QiGong, Yoga and Meditation)
  • measure the effects of specific treatments, therapies, products and healing devices both in real time and through time
  • determine varying environmental influences and effects
  • conduct compare & contrast studies on structured water, and health-related products
    Liquids after Treatment

    GDV: Liquids after Treatment

  • conduct research into the effects of consciousness, & map the influence of mental, emotional and spiritual processes on the bio-fields of water & other substances, the spatial environment, & on other people

Included in the GDV system are the EcoTester and the 5th Element.

Other Components of GDV Professional System

GDV Eco-Tester

Measures the effect of varying influences on the Spatial Field

GDV 5th Element

GDV 5th Element

Measures up to 5 people simultaneously (in real time), as well as varying environmental influences

BioField of a Rose Petal

ElectroPhotonic Imaging

Everything has a  Energy Field or BioField … the above image is the energy field of a rose petal.

This image was taken with the GDV_EPI (Gas Discharge Visualization – ElectroPhotonic Imaging) camera.

What is ElectroPhotonic Imaging?
Every organism and object emits high intensity electromagnetic fields, detectable as a glow in response to pulsed electrical field excitation. This was first discovered by Tesla in the late 18th century, and studied in great detail by Seymon Kirlian and his wife in the 1930s in Russia.

Kirlian Image of a Leaf

Kirlian Image

This electro-photonic glow is called the Kirlian Effect

Dr. Peter Mandel developed an analog kirlian camera in Germany over 40 years ago after extensive research and documentation. This system of Energy Emission Analysis ((EEA) reads the energy emissions of both fingers and toes. Renowned bio-physicist Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, along with an international team of physicists, physicians,  and researchers, developed an advanced form of Kirlian imaging  known as the GDV-EPI camera in 1995. This camera measures and records the glow or energy field of people, plants, soil, water, spatial environments, and other materials. The results are processed through a suite of sophisticated software which allows us to view this previously invisible BioField in great detail. The energy field (BioField) is encoded with an enormous amount of information, which we are able to read and interpret, thanks to this software.

How does ElectroPhotonic Imaging work?

ElectroPhotonic Imaging (EPI) uses a weak, painless electrical current applied to the fingertips (or object being measured) for less than a millisecond. The  procedure is completely non-invasive. An “electron cloud” forms in response to this stimulus which emits light energy photons, or electronic glow. This glow is captured by an optical CCD camera system and translated into digital data, which is further converted into a “Photonic Profile”.

GDV - Korotkov finger map

GDV – Korotkov finger map

The profile is compared to a database of hundreds of thousands of data records, using 55 distinct parameters of measurement. Through a highly sophisticated and complex linkage and analysis of all the information presented, the system provides a series of graphical representations of information for easy reference and interpretation.

The GDV-Korotkov  Diagnostic Map shown here shows the correlation between the energy states of the organs and systems of the body and the separate sectors of the fingers. This map is based on an initial mapping proposed by Dr. Pete Mandel in Germany, and further modified and fine-tuned in reference to the EPI device in the 1990s. All sectors have been prodigiously tested in medical institutions in Russia and other countries, and verified through significant clinical trials. There are significant differences between the Korotkov map and that of Mandel.

Human Energy Field

The BioField

Human Energy Field (the BioField)

Analyzing the Human BioField yields a great deal of very detailed information, useful in a large variety of applications. The GDV is medical grade equipment, and used in hospitals and medical clinics in Russia, and many countries in Europe and Asia as an aid in the overall diagnostic process, and as a method of tracking and evaluating the effectiveness of treatment protocols.  Results are accurate, repeatable and verifiable.

(please note: GDV evaluations should not be considered to be a medical diagnosis, nor a substitute for medical testing and treatment with a licensed doctor.) 

Adrenals, Before & After Treatment

GDV Capture: Adrenals, Before & After Treatment

Physical & Psycho-emotional Health and Wellbeing

The GDV provides immediate real-time access to the energy levels of different organs and organ systems, allowing us to accurately evaluate both physical and psycho-emotional health and stress levels, as well as track the effects of lifestyle changes, therapeutic influences and other factors.



An Inside Out View

Deep core-level issues, patterns of thinking and belief, emotions, attitudes and old trauma responses show up on the psycho-emotional level. These affect our wellbeing and ultimately impact physical health and vitality.  Brought to the light of conscious awareness these issues can be more easily targeted and addressed allowing for deep level healing on all levels. (please note: GDV evaluations should not be considered to be a medical diagnosis, nor a substitute for medical testing and treatment with a licensed doctor.)

Research Applications

Before & After Studies on Human BioField:

The GDV System is unique in its ability to accurately test and measure the comparative effectiveness of varying products and technologies, supplements, nutriceuticals, water, and lifestyle practices on overall health and vitality.

Before & After captures provide an in-depth and measurable look at the effects on the human BioField, both on a physical and psycho-emotional level. This is also helpful for tracking internal process in therapy or in relation to life events.

Sports & Leadership Studies:

By measuring the energy field of the Spatial environment, we can easily track the ways in which it is affected by varying influences. Applications include measuring comparative effects of EMF-protecting products in a room, measuring the effects of varying energy-clearing tools or CDs, or measuring Geopathic influences on an environment.

Agriculture Studies
By capturing a baseline measurement of the field of any substance, animate and inanimate … soil, mineral, plant or vegetable, we can also measure the subsequent impact of varying influences and factors.
Spatial Field Studies:

By measuring the energy field of the Spatial environment, we can easily track the ways in which it is affected by varying influences. Applications include measuring comparative effects of EMF-protecting products in a room, measuring the effects of varying energy-clearing tools or CDs, or measuring Geopathic influences on an environment.

Compare & Contrast Studies for Product Development:

The GDV System accurately measures the differences between different versions of the same product, or similar products, important for those in the process of developing health-related technology and goods.

BioField Analysis: Making the Invisible Visible

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Personal Consultations

Uncover deep beliefs, attitudes and underlying psycho-emotional and psycho-spiritual issues that are affecting your health, vitality and well-being. Once known, these can be addressed, transformed and shifted.

Structured Water

Accurate testing and comparative analysis of the energetic qualities of varying structured water samples … helpful when choosing a particular water for consumption, or for developers needing to fine-tune their technology for best results.

Track Therapeutic Progress

Before and After Studies track the effectiveness of varying therapies, interventions, supplements or practices (such as meditation, yoga, chi gong, etc.). These studies allow you to view changes in both real time and through time, giving an inside-out view of your inner process, including areas or issues still needing further focus or attention.

Product Research

Comparative testing and analysis of product effectiveness. Important for those producing health products or technologies to determine and verify effectiveness of products, either during development process or after production.

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For a Consultation or Study

Personal Consultations available … Discover what keeps you from living the life you want:

  • Psycho-Emotional Wellbeing
  • Physical Health & Vitality
  • Psycho-Spiritual Issues

Conferences, Events, Workshops, Studios, Therapists

Document Effects of Lifestyle Practices, such as:


  • Meditation Practices
  • Yoga
  • Tai Chi
  • Qi Gong
  • Healing Protocols or Therapeutic Interventions
Research Studies & Reports

  • Structured Water
  • Product Comparison: Compare & Contrast Studies
  • Product Effectiveness: Before & After Studies
  • Product Development

Research Studies & Reports

  • Consciousness Studies
  • Spatial Field Effects: in the Workplace, Offices, Homes
  • Geopathic Influences & Effects
  • Miscellaneous Studies & Consultations

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